The People in the Pews

Dear Archbishop Nienstedt,

We are the people in the pews. We are the sea of faces you see at confirmations. We serve lunch in the gym after funerals for people we don’t know and we serve communion alongside our priests. We teach religion classes and we work the school carnival. We help with clothing and food drives. We are the ushers, committee members and envelope stuffers. We are the set-up team and the clean-up team. When the plate is passed or the rectory needs a new roof or the archdiocese makes an appeal, we give.

We have been taught well by our Church. We know right from wrong. We also know that every moment of every day we must do everything we can to protect our children. But somehow our leadership has taken a different course. For decades, you and your predecessors have tried to balance the protection of our children with the protection of your priestly reputations. Now, it is obvious you have done neither. So we are left to explain to our children, neighbors and friends how we can believe in a Church that acts in ways so contrary to what it professes. So, we have lost faith in our local church’s leadership, but not in our Church or our Lord.

We believe that now is the time for healing, which begins with your resignation. Quite simply, the trust and confidence you once enjoyed are gone and will not return. You can no longer lead because we can no longer follow. We believe our energies and financial resources can no longer be spent defending the indefensible.

In the end, we are the people who will do the healing. We will be the ones to pay the lawsuits, comfort and support the abused, invite our neighbors and friends back into the Church they once loved and strive to forgive all those responsible.

Archbishop, we encourage you to act swiftly so that we may swiftly bring healing to our community.

Yours in Christ,
The People in the Pews

I affirm this petition:

* *

For more information, please contact us at:


Submissions may take up to 48 hours to be listed below.

Amy Zabransky
The church of Annunciation,,
Worked with Families Moving Forward and social justice

Susi Wagner,

Anne Macaulay,

Robert Silvagni
St. Mathews,

Doug & Kendra Rodel
St Joan of Arc ,

Jim Klein
frequent visitor, Basilica of St. Mary,
Proud, loving cousin of two Roman Catholic priests.

Sheila Hayes
Holy Name of Jesus,

Harry McClanahan
Christ the King,

René Fraters
Saint Louis parish, Leyden, Holland,
I am a layperson, connected to the oecumenical studentparish of Leyden.


Francis (Bud) Jaeb
St Bartholomew,

Mary Jaeb
St. Bartholomew - Wayzata,

Dennis Hoelscher
St Marys Star of the Sea, Duluth, MN,

bob & jo white
st. michaels , prior lake,

Peggy Blake,

Gail Lappen
St.Joan of Arc,

Jo Anne Murphy
St. Mary of the Lake,

Kevin DiLorenzo
St. John's,

Karen Newell
St. Genevieve,
Social Justice

Kate Ternus
St. Jude of the Lake,

Joe Schmit
Former IHM,

Joe Ternus
St Jude of the Lake,

Judy Goebel
St Jude of the Lake,

Jean &. Paul Kennedy
St. Joan of Arc,
Tutor at.a Catholic School. Coordinate a Catholi Men's Retreat

John Piepel
St. Francis of Assisi,

Mary Novak
St. Thomas Aquinas,
Social Justice, worship and education for over 50 years. Call to Action

Molly Swenson
St. Huberts, Chanhassen,
Former Eucharistic Minister with children attending catholic schools

Gerry Wenner
St. Joan of Arc,

Gerald J. Wenner
St. Joan of Arc,

john huneke
st marys,
Parrish council maintenance Lector I have served as a senior high teacher Restoration committee

judith pryor,
work with the homeless on two commitees at church, lead spirituality class

Teresa Bailey
Corpus Christi,

Dennie Scott
Christ the King,
Ministry to unemployed

Delma Kernan
ST. Thomas Aquinas,Ames, Iowa,
Faith, Hope, and Love

Bobbie Murphy
St Stan's - St Paul,

Madonna Theobald
Catholic from inception and elementary and high school catholic education as well as an educator,

Annie Cronin
Christ the King,
Mobile Loaves and Fishes, parishioner

Sue Cron
Pax Christi,
Eucharistic Minister, past teacher for youth religon programs

Lois Barr
St. Thomas Aquinas - St. Paul Park,
Concerned Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. Active choir member and volunteer most of my life.

Tim Blevins,

Peter Eichten
St. Frances Cabrini,

Lili Hall Scarpa
Basilica of St Mary,

Jane Truhlar
St. Joan of Arc,
Scripture Study, Mobil Loaves and Fishes, Choir, TRUST senior programs

Katie & Tim Murphy
Christ The King Church,
Parishioner, volunteer, send our children to catholic schools, teach them the values of the christian catholic faith

Gary and Sue Damyanovich
St. Stephen's -- Anoka,

Margaret Webinger
Saint Margaret Mary,
Council member,Hospitality, Dominican Associate, financial support.

Gretchen Lynch
Pax Christi, Eden Prairie, MN,
Catechist, Eucharistic Minister

Amy Mimick
Christ the King,
Active with coordinating Christmas gifts for the children at Holy Rosary, greeter, moms group volunteer for various service projects, make soup for soup supper, help with families moving forward.

Maria Mazzara
Mary Mother of the Church,

Bob Reid

Gary Kemp

Ed Burg
St. Edwsrds, Bloomington,
Stephen Minnister

Jim and Peggy Johnson
Christ the King,
Funeral Ministry, Outdoor Environment, Packing for Food Sunday, Ushering

Mary Shafer
St. Frances Cabrini,

Jackie Fredrick
St. Thomas Aquinas,

Jackie Schluter-Johnson
Parish Community of St. Joseph,
I am a Lector, a Member of Parish council, A Core team Leader in Youth Ministry. I am also a member of the school advisory committee for St. Raphael School and have 3 kids attending Catholic School

Lynn Melchior
Saint Thomas Aquinas,

Kris Audette
St. Joan of Arc,
CARE fund, Mobile Loaves and Fishes and other various volunteer jobs

Sue Kmetz
St. Olaf,

Judy & Bob Gyurci
St/ Edward's,
Eucharistic Ministers, Masonic Home Help with Mass, Stephen Minister, Lock up committee

Char von Knobelsdorff
Holy Trinity Parish, St. Mary's Church Bellechester,
parishioner and 25 years of Faith Formation teaching and coordinating

Rita Knolmann
St. Frances Cabrini,
Translate the readings (Epistles/Gospels, etc.) into current, more beautiful English. Set up the altar, etc. for Mass.

Jodi Carlini
St Ambrose of Woodbury,

Gordon Kircher,

Jessica Ganley
St. Patricks , Edina ,

Nancy Coleman
Christ the King,
I pray daily for the healing of our church

Chris Lynch

Katy DuGarm
St. Frances Cabrini, formerly St. Pascal Baylon,
Finance Committee, volunteer for hospitality, formerly CCW member, formerly choir member

Kelly O'Brien
St. Joan of Arc,

Sheila Laughton
Formerly St Thomas Aquinas,
Former teacher, parish council, financil supporter

Joseph Yanchar
St. Francis of Assisi,
Catholic from the cradle. 16 years Catholic education. Chief usher in my parish for several years.

carol krush
St.Joan of Arc,
Sister Parish (Guatemala) Bible Study, Health Professionals, Dedicated to Health Care Reform, Family Base Community (current). Past--taught Sunday School, served communion

Carrie Kemp
Basilica of Saint Mary,
Have been in ministry for years...ironically, bringing people back to the church!

Darlene Gates
Christ the King,
I serve the church as a Eucharisitic minister as well as volunteering when asked in many areas.

Marge Blenkush
St. Matthew's, St. Paul,
Funeral Sacristan, Office Help, Pres. St. Matt's CCW

Cesar Duran
St. Gabriel,

Margaret Ferber,

Tom Dillon
Holy Name of Jesus Parish Plymouth,

Katie Hayes
Holy Name of Jesus, Medina,
I regularly participate in the Eucharist, give to the church, and attend retreats.

Lindi Dillon
Holy Name Medina,

Cheryl Hanzal
Highland Catholic,

Sue O'Brien
St. Joan of Arc,
Mobile Loves & Fishes volunteer and various other committees within the church.

Cathy Corrigan
St. Frances Cabrini,

Kimberly Corbey
St. Stephen's Anoka,

Jean Henry
St Thomas Aquinas,
Eucharistic minister& music ministry

Liz Anderson
St. Joan,
Womens' Organization, Coat drive, Homeless programs

Jackie Abebe
St. Thomas Aquinas Church of St Paul Park,
Financial contribution

Carol Tauer
St. Peter Claver,
Financially, volunteer at homeless shelter, organize educational programs.

Robert Cron
Our Lady of Grace 1965-1990, Pax Christi 1990-present,
With my time, talent and treasure.

Mary Ann Fleming
Seven Dolors ,
Food Pantry and Budget Shop

St. Joan of Arc,

David Young
Basilica of St. Mary,
Lector , Eucharistic Minister

Jeanne Young
Basilica of St. Mary ,
Eucharistic Minister

Dan DeWan
St. Gregor the Great, North Branch,
Lector, Sexton of Church Cemetery

Michael McGraw
Parishioner, occasional vounteer

Meghan Grossman,

Jennifer Peters
St. Ambrose, Woodbury, MN,

Gary Gullikson
Guardian Angels Oakdale,
volunteer for many justice and service projects

Benton Randolph
St. Frances Cabrini,
Chair of parish outreach committee

Zrust Marge
St Francis Xaiver,
Active member of our Parish.

Ray and Eileen Muetzel
St. Pascal Baylon,

Mary Sutherland
Spirit of St. Stephen's Catholic Community,

Mary Zimney,

Jan Pariana,

Brian Majerus
St. Mary,

Frank Meuers
St. Joseph-New Hope,
Parish Council-many committees

Virginia Meuers
St. Joseph-New Hope,
Parish Council

Emily Janke
Was actively involved as a youth, now searching for my role as an adult.

Harriet Petersen
St Edward Bloomington,
Funeral Lunch - Meals On Wheels - Veap contributor - Cana Dinner Committee - Greeter - Involved volunteer

Lawrence Petersen
St Sdward Bloomington,
Stephen Minister- Funeral lunch- Meals wheels- Bridging Volunteer- Financial Contributor - Veap Contributor and more

Marge Westerham
Guardian Angels Oakdale,

Brian Mogren
Church of the Ascension, Mpls,

Jim Schumacher
Colorado Springs Diocese,
formerly, Fargo ND Diocese

Thomas Tommet
St. Stanislaus, St. Paul,

Mariah Snyder
Corpus Christi Parish,
Eucharistic Minister; visit parishioners, lector

Janet Ingram
St Edwards,
Loaves and Fishes, VEAP garden, Families Moving Forward Volunteer

Joe Reid
St. Frances Cabrini,
Parish Council

David Schwain
My wife and I both attended Catholic grade and high schools, as did our three children. ,

Maxine McNamara
St. Joan of Arc/St. Frances Cabrini,

Patricia Dousette
St Bonaventure,

Lorie King
St. Mary of the Lake,

Kay Louis
Guardian Angels,

Richard Dillon
St. Stanislas,

Patricia Pedrolie
Church of the Assumption,

David Smith
Church if the Assumption,

Claire Smith
Church of the Assumption,

Don Keough
St. Edward's, Bloomington,
Attend regularly, volunteer many ministries.

Dianne Grammond
St. Gerards,

Mary Ann Blechinger
St. Odilia,

Mary Brower
St Anne houston,
Boy Scout leader, lay minister, former school board member and grade chair.

Mary Larson
St Greards,

kathy mathews
St. Thomas Aquinas,
Parishioner and volunteer

Judy Keough
St Edward's,
Volunteer, several ministries

Connie Aligada
St. Matthew,

Brian Cramer
St. Stanislaus,
By loyalty

Mary Cramer
St. Stanislaus,
By attending, contributing, and trying to follow the ideals of my pastor

Sharon Kelly
Our Lady of the Lakes - Balsam Lake, WI,
Eurcharist Minister, Lay Leader of Prayer, President of the CCW, Minister scheduling, funerals, etc.

Celeste Knoff
St Thomas Aquinas,
Life-long Catholic. Married to another life-ling Catholic for 30 years. Attend weekly mass and participate in multiple volunteer activities at church.

John Simcox
St. Olaf,

Mary Jo Czaplewski
St. Williams,
Eucharistic minister, Families moving Forward server

Joe Proulx,

Mary E. Beckfeld
Pax Christi,
member of Diaconate community, pastoral minister, spiritual director CPCSM & CCCR board member,

Frankie Grover,

Jeff Sandberg
Weekly donations

Maureen Cannon
St. Joan of Arc,

Sue Krebsbach,

Anita Scully
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Forest Lake, MN,

James Scully
St. Peter's Catholioc Church,

Sarann Slattery
Eucharistic minister; financial support.

Gloria Sandberg
Basilica of St Mary ,

Sam & Betty Kent
St Joan of Arc,
Slide Projectionist (retired)


Bonnie Strand
Church of St Edward,
Social Justice Committee, VEAP Foodshelf Gardener, Extraordinary Communiom Minister

Liz Coenen, M. Divinity
St Frances Cabrini,
marriage preparation mentor couple, parent, volunteer

Chuck Kundschiet,

David Culver
St. Joan of Arc,

Virgina Meuers
St Joseph New Hope,
Parish Council

Mary Ellen Kennedy
St. Joan of Arc,

Pat Wuest
St. Joan of arc,

joseph olson,

Jack Pick
Saint Joan of Arc,
outreach work, financial support for the same

Violet Thorland
St. Joan of Arc,

Catherine Springob
Pax Christi (formerly Church of the Risen Savior),

Dan Mathews
Saint Thomas Aquinas,
parishioner, volunteer

Margaret Mary Keating
Spirit of St. Stephens Catholic Community,

Sharon Schroeder
Spirit of St. Stephens Catholic Community,

Larry Luck
Spirit of St. Stephen's,

Theresa Zeman
Pax Christi,

John Davis
St. Francis Xavier Buffalo MN,
Former Finance Council Member

Margaret Ammann
St Anthony Parish, Anchorage Alaska ,
Food bank volunteer

Dennis Coyne
St. Stephen,
Sacramental minister

Marie Jean Proulx
St. Stanislaus,

Brad Huard
Christ the King,
Parishioner and volunteer

Maxine McNamara
St. Joan of Arc and St. Frances Cabrini?,

Séamas Cain
An old friend of Dorothy Day.,

Julie Merklin,

Jane Pelletier
Seven Dolors, Manhattan KS,

Julie Arends
Assumption of St Paul,
Going to Mass and helping the needy

Karen Grosscup
St Joan of Arc,
choir, prayer partners

Frank Vento
Church of the Assumption, St. Paul,

Annette Alleva
St Anthony, Anchorage, Alasla,
Lector, Catechist, Art and Environment, organizer of bazaar, outreach activities, etc. etc.

Mary Flynn Worley,

Mike Sieben
Saint thomas aquinas,

Catherine Anonymous
Lumen Christie,

Nancy Scanlan
Product of 16 years of Catholic education:Catholic grade school teacher for 35 years.,

Rose Marie Assad
St Cecilia's,

Amy Krane
St. Bartholomew Wayzata,

Anne Katner
St Richards,
Financial. Past Eucharistic Minister, Faith Formation teacher.

Barbara Johnson
The Church of The Epiphany,
Volunteer, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Donald Conroy
Spirit of St. Stephen's,
Social justice via St. Stephen's Human Services

Kathy Isaacson
St. Gerards,
Volunteer as a teacher.

Patricia Davies,

Marjie Blevins
St Olaf, Minneapolis,
Religious Education (trained catechist, Catechesis of the Goid Shepherd) Eucharistic Minister

Beth Hentges,

C McAuley Hentges
Spirit of St Stephen Catholic Community,
Retired Catholic University Professor

James P Cassidy AND Nancy Jo Cassidy
Church of Saint Michael,
Loyal and faithful Catholics

kay kane
St. Edwards,
Lector/Commentator former Parish Council leader

Bridget Murphy
Nativity of our lord,

Rick and Cathy Osgood
St. Joan of Arc,

Lohn Koller
Spirit of St Stephens,

Catherine Smegal
Basilica of St. Mary,
Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Altar Server

Rose McMurray
Church of the Risen Savior,
Co led a Clothing Share for our Hispanic brothers and sisters in need. Sunday school teacher. Focus Committee -Met in our home with couples wanting to marry. On the Baptism committee.

Ann Farrell
Basilica Mpls, St. Peter Mendota and now Assumption St Paul,
Have been a Cantor, Choir member and dedicated volunteer in several parishes and schools within the archdiocese. I pray for acceptance, truth and healing.

Terri Thommes
Church of the Epiphany, Coon Rapids,
Mother of children educated at Epiphany School. Former Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Vigil Light cleaner, State Fair Diner worker, and financial contributor.

ruth murphy
Basilica-until recently,

Tish Osborn
In prayer, as a volunteer and a contributor. I was formerly an active contributing me I also volunteer at Christo member at St Olaf where i lead the Liturgical Environment Committee. I volunteer at

Rich Osborn
Christ The King,
Greeter, Volunteer, Daily mass participant, Husband, Proud father,Baptized, First communion, Confirmation and married for 47 years to a catholic bride joined in matrimony in the Catholic church.

Dawn Fausz
St. Albert the Great,

Sheila Foss
Basilica of St Matu,

JoEllen Rodel
St. Mary of the Lake, White Bear Lake,
Financial contributing member of the parish

Paul Mandell
Thomas Becket,
Social justice. Landscape committee, former lay preacher.

Tom Kuntz
Formerly St. John Neumann,

Kenneth Kjer,

Beth-Ann Bloom
St Joan of Arc,
Litugy volunteer, Lent soup suppers, coats for children

Patty Thorsen
St. Frances Cabrini, Minneapolis, MN,
Council of the Baptized support team member; Catholic Coalition of Church Reform; research church reform issues

Kim Hall
Holy Name of Jesus, Medina ,

Michael Hawkins,

Lisa Berger
Cathedral of St.Paul,
Former faithful employee of eight years and parishioner for 20 years. I've been a lector, Eucharistic minister, choir member, RCIA sponsor and candidate in the SFO (Secular Franciscan Order)

Pat Tommet
St. Stanislaus,
Social Justice Committee, Advance Care Planning. Project Noel, Church Festival, Women's Spirituality Group

Laura Kuntz
St. John Nuemann,

Rebekah Kreger
Presentation of Mary,

tina murphy
st josephs grand rapids mn,
Funeral server, fund raiser, school contributor

Michele Walsh
St. Joan of Arc,
I am a former Catholic school teacher serving families in parish schools over a period of 20 years. I attend mass and teach "at risk" students in public school .

Kathy Bieker
St. Stanislaus,
Social Justice Committee

Eileen & Jerry Hoy
St. John's,
Liturgy Committee, Funeral lunches

Linda Muldoon
St. Joan of Arc,
Reader, choir, attach envelopes to bulletins. Formerly worked in church nursery.

Gloria W. Smith
Christ the King,

C.E. Kastigar
Lector, teacher, social outreach, other ministries over a long lifetime.

Tom Cooley
St. Gerard,
Event Organizer, Reader

Mary Jane Steinhagen
St Albert the Great,
i volunteer in several capacities and give money.

Art Stoeberl
Dignity/Twin Cities,

Bob Beutel
St Joan of Arc,
Scripture Study, Bookstore Sales, Catholic Coalition for Church Reform, Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Homilies

Patricia Whalen
St. Francis Xavier,
Eucharistic Minister, Former Parish Council Member, Volunteer

Megan Tredinnick
St. Gerards, Brooklyn Park,

Jeffrey Grosscup
St. Joam Of Arc,
Active volunteer with ministries of Mobil Loaves and Fishes, Eco Spirituality, Iraqi American Reconciliation Committee and Choir.

Trish Cooley
St. Gerard,
I help with Funeral lunches, used book sale,Pumpkin fest and EM

Mary Ellen Jordan
Basilica of St. Mary,
Tutor at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

nancy gotto
st joan of arc,
rcia, spiritual direction

Ann Grabiel
I have served the Church I love all my life, currently as a Sowers of Justice Committee member and faith formation volunteer.

Kathryn Coleman
St Joan of Arc,
Serving homeless individuals in Minneapolis and connecting them to dignity through housing.

Sally Koering Zimney
St. Joan of Arc,
Volunteer in the Nursery

Nancy & Malachy Scanlan
St. Catherine's,
Nancy Retired educator Nativity grade school 34 yrs / Mal Dev. officer Cretin-Derham Hall

Paula Ruddy
St. Boniface,

Sandra Murphy
St Stanislaus st paul,

Mita Bell
I go.

Kate Cullen
St. Joan's ,
Attend Mass, Financial support

Sandra Murphy
St Stanislaus st paul,

Susan Vento
Church of the Assumption, St. Paul,
Active as member of the parish staff and as a volunteer.

Jane and Bob Schneeweis,

Susan E. Anderson
Christ the King,
Funeral Ministry, Library board, meditation group, small group faith sharing, Eucharist minister

Jane Murphy,

nina holiday-lynch
christ the king,
social justice advocate, Eucharistic minister (hospital)

laura inglis,

Pat McFarlane
Church of St. Patrick, Edina,
Various ministries.

Annie O'Neill
OLG, Edina,
We attend mass regularly, and strive to raise our four children in faith, teaching them right from wrong.

Kara Murphy Tweedy
Basilica of St. Mary,

James Ahmann
Former, St. John's, Hopkins, MN,
Former Altar Boy.

Katie Huffman
Church of St. Patrick,
Volunteer leader with High School ministry

Mary Souba
Ihm minnetonka,

Kimberly Mikrot,

Nicole Shultz
Christ the King, Minneapolis,
Volunteer in the nursery

Mary F Frey
Our Lady of Grace, Edina,
frequent daily Mass, financial contributions

Jane Wagemaker
St Thomas the Apostle, Mpls.,
Taught junior high religion in the Catholic schools for 40 years, led retreats, service projects and participated in mission trips to Mexico.

Carol/Robert Klick ,

Annabelle Ess
Immaculate Heart of Mary- Cross Lake, MN,
I support it regularly, and in my younger days was very active in church choir and also presently am a BeFriender

Margaret Stokes
St. Joseph The Worker,
take call for ACCL and donate to our sister parish in Haiti

Debbie Hawkins
Epiphany Catholic Church,
It is time to do the right thing. I fully support this letter.

Jean Hayes,

Izac Adams
St Joseph the Worker,

Katherine Adams
St. Joseph the Worker,
Preschool Faith formation

Meghan Walstrom
Nativity of Our Lord,

Jennifer Holtgren
Nativity of Mary,

Ron Woessner
St Michael - Stillwater,

Mary Zorn
Corpus Christi,

Dick Rice
St. Frances Cabrini,

Meg Rodriguez
St Patrick's of edina,
For years i was a religious education teacher and volunteer.

Polly Kaiser
st joesephs Ramsbottom uk,
Reader &,Eucaristic minister. School governor

Patricia Conley
St Edward's,

Theresa Nichols
St. Thomas More,
Music ministry

Laure Miler,

Ronald Hopfensperger

Bonnie O'connor
Basilica of st. Mary,
Board member,contributor,committee member

Clifford Knippel
St Thomas,

Maureen Manley
Christ the King,
I volunteer and show up to mass!

Karen Laughlin
Church of St. Patricks Edina,
Served as a Religious Ed teacher., Luncheons, pancake breakfasts, garage sale

Stephen Lyons
St John's,
Alter "boy" and choir.

Griffin Smith
Church of the Ascension,

Maureen Dudley

Wayne Knutson,

Moonyeen O'Phelan,

Sharon Dudley - Knippel
Used to be Lumen Christi and St Gregory's ,

Elissa Zeman
St. Therese ,

J. Patrick Brinkman
St. Patrick's,

Carol LeDuc
Lumen Christi,
Parish contributor

Jim LeDuc
Lumen Christi,
Contribute financially and particippate

Mike McClose
St. Joan of Arc,

Ralph Norusis

Greg Lais,

marsha woessner
St. Michael's, Stillwater, MN,

Pete Larson,

Kathleen Myers,

Dennis Ott
St.Mark's in St.Paul,
I have been a usher and also served on several committees.

Rodger Ringham
Basilica ,

Tim Ott,

Mary Frey
Our Lady of Grace,

Trrry Ott,

Missy Janssen
St edwards,

Joanne Ott
St Edwards church Bloomington Mn,
Mission work, Sunday school teacher, Adult formation theme sessions, Community building gathering, Youth group

Patricia Santos
Volunteer Missioner in archdiocesan mission,, Franciscan Associate, Youth Minister, Eucharistic Minister, Homilist, prayer service leader, reader, Baptism preparation leader, retreat leader, etc. etc,

Mike Ott
St Edwards,
Teach, parish counsel was a catholic missionary in Brazil for. 6 yrs with Maryknoll

Matt Boockmeier
Our Lady of Grace-Edina,

Carol Horan

Patricia Vavra
Risen Savior, Burnsville MN,

Joseffa Smith

Robert Hedrick
Previous: Our Lady of Grace,

Dan Wolfe
St. Patrick - Edina,
Support youth education, work at pancake breakfast and St. Patrick's Day Dinner/Dance, etc.

Mike McFarlane
Church of St. Patricks,

Tom Hayes
Holy Name of Jesus,
Youth ministry, development, communications, education for the underserved, pastoral ministry

Judith Romanowich Smith

Kristin Hayes
Church of St. Patrick,
Women's Guild, hospitality, welcome new parish member, organize special events.

Joe Hayes
St Patricks Church of Edina,
Eucharistic Minister, Men's Club

Paul Cossette
St Therease,

Katy Kessler
St. Joan of Arc, formerly St. Patrick's of Edina,
Volunteer leader with high school and young adult ministries

Matt Blum
St. Joan of Arc,
Music ministry, youth groups, former full-time youth minister.

Molly Wolfe,

Suzanne Cossette
St Therese,

Andy Wolfe
St. Patrick's,
I play music in church, lead a youth ministry group and lead mission trips for high school students.

Brenda Gempler
Basilica of St Mary minneapolis,

Carol Wolfe
St. Patrick's - Edina,

Dave Horan,